During the holidays I feel like the days tend to run together. After Thanksgiving it seems like there is one party after another, and I eat and eat and eat! Its the season I seem to gain the most weight. Presents are bought, and college kids go home, families reunite and children learn about “santa”. Its one big party for the United states, its odd though to notice that Christmas started out as a Christian holiday. Its about the birth of Jesus, the Savior of the world. Year by year, the world tries to push Christ out a little more but they can’t because it is a day based/ for Him. Christmas is not just a day to get presents and spend time with family, its time to remember the day that God sent the world the most beautiful gift.

  She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because He will save His people from their sins. -Matthew 1:21

               When I was younger, I almost never heard anyone say “Happy Holidays” it was always “Merry Christmas”. As I got older, I heard Happy Holidays more and more, the world is quickly advancing on the Christian community trying to make the birth of Jesus a nonexistent detail. What happened to reading the Christmas story each year? What happened to singing Christmas carols and songs about Jesus? Even in Christian homes it has become rare to even talk about the reason that Christmas exists. Its not for family, its not for presents, Christmas is about the salvation we received because of Jesus.

            We must remember that after Christmas, Jesus is still the reason we are free, He is still the reason we have a way to the Father. We cannot box Him up and put Him away like the Christmas tree and decorations. Jesus couldn’t be contained by the grave, by death… what makes us think that we can put Him away? Jesus is not just for “the season” He is not just for our carols and our parties, Christmas is Jesus’ birthday! The day that He came to earth by Mary the virgin, lest we think we are too good for this lets just remember who conquered death and gave us freedom.

             When you’re sitting down with your family this Christmas take time to read the story of Jesus’ birth in the Bible and remember why we celebrate this holiday every year. The birthday of Jesus Christ.

Much love,


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