Does God heal?


                         In Numbers 16:46-50, Aaron stopped the plague which had killed 14, 700 people by offering incense and making atonement for the people. In Ezekiel 37,  the prophet Elijah is blessed with the hand of God upon him and he raised up bones. Matthew 8, shows Jesus telling a man who had leprosy that He was willing to heal him and He did. Mark 2, Jesus heals a paralyzed man and he gets up and walks away.

                   Throughout the Bible, God heals and sends His son to heal many people and we can believe those things happened in the Bible but when it comes to healing now, we tend to cringe and shrink away. When we are in church and the person next to us raises their arms, and then tell us they have a message from God or that they ask to put their hand on us to heal us we freak out. In the Bible, that was common and no one cringed at the thought of someone putting their hands on them to heal them. People lined up to be seen by Jesus and had faith that He would heal them.

                Now, healing may not be in God’s will or plan for certain people, but we should have the faith that if someone prays healing over us that God will hear and heal us. I agree with Andrew Wilson when he says that “Healing is not theoretical” He talks about the several types of healing that there are, and there is one that Nicole Watt talks about in her article “Have we forgotten the power of touch” that I particularly agree with. The first type of love that Wilson talks about is when we get a cold or the flu our bodies heal themselves and then we are stronger the next time we fight that sickness off. Wilson puts it this way, ” My body heals itself all the time. Its the result of the grace of God, who created me, searches me, knows me, and loves me.” 

                   God gave us grace, and because of that grace we are healed, God gave the Hebrews specific instructions for food and germs because He knew that they needed it. He did this because He loves us, so why do we get so freaked out about medicine and doctors healing us? Why do we not think that they can heal us or that God won’t guide the doctors hands?

                            Wilson says, “God never says no to a request for healing.” and I think that is true, Nicole Watt argues that touch, in a loving way also has the power of healing.

I have witnessed the power of healthy touch to heal, deliver, redeem, and restore people in mind, body, and spirit. Loving touch has the power to draw out the introverted autistic child, make an outcast teenage feel accepted, or communicate safety to a battered woman. healthy, loving touch reminds us of our God-given worth and identity.”

                    Watt’s view of love and healing touch is so true and striking yet we shrink from anyone’s loving touch, our society has made touch something evil. Now, there are ways in which touch is evil, but that is not how God intended touch to be. In fact, Jesus had to touch the people He healed, because they had to feel the power of his love! Love can do amazing things, the love of Jesus saved us all from death. I grew up in a weird family, my step- dad is hispanic so I grew up with grandmother who was hispanic and had a lot of family. They are all lovey and touchy, and when I talk to the people in the spanish ministry at church they are very touchy and huggy as well. We don’t understand touch as much as we used to.

               We need to learn how to love and believe in the power of healing. Jesus gave that power to us! When people talk to us about that we shouldn’t shrink away or stop talking to them. We should embrace what god is doing and saying through them.

Much love,


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