Who am I?


                         I grew up in America, with hispanic relatives and hispanic stepdad. If you looked at a family picture would be very confused and think that I am adopted. Almost everyone in my family has brown or black straight hair, they had tan/ olive colored skin, and are tall and skinny. I have very blonde, curly hair, pale skin, I’m curvy, and short. I’m not adopted as you would be led to think, my biological dad and my mom got divorced when I was young and my mom married my dad when I was one. My biological dad is Norwegian and Irish, and so are my grandparents, and most of the people on my moms side of the family are as well. Naturally, it is a little confusing to people when I try to talk about my family, the one thing that connects us all is that my siblings and myself have hazel eyes.

                      America is known for its diversity of culture, skin color, and physical looks. I think that because we are surrounded by so much of this it is hard to know where we belong and where we come from, and most important who we are. I’ve been researching a lot these past two years about Norway and Ireland, I want to know about why I am the way I am, what my ancestors are like. I have discovered that, the way I look and act is normal for Norwegians and the Irish people. I have tear-ducts that droop lower than most, and my eyes look asian because of how tiny they are, but then I looked up some pictures of people from Norway and Ireland and I look just like them. I felt much more like I knew myself after I researched these things.

                   Despite this, we must realize that, who we are is not put into what we look like, where we come from, or our family. Though these things are nice to know and understand, they are not really where we belong. At the core of every person is a desire to belong and feel accepted, and we feel unless we meet the pressures of the world we won’t be. As a young child, I grew up mostly wandering the road of finding who I am, by myself. Parents from the 90’s and on have become so busy, and so into technology that even fifteen minutes with the whole family together is difficult. So where do we belong? Who are we?

                  When I was younger, many kids my age made fun of me, bullied me, and thought I was weird because I was secure in knowing what I liked and what I didn’t like. As I grow, I have learned more and more about who I am, but something I struggle with daily is knowing where I belong and am accepted. Even now, with getting married and becoming better at making friends, I still don’t feel like I know where I belong. There is a song by Building 429, called “Where I belong”, and it talks about home being heaven. For Christians, heaven is our home, the Bible even talks about heaven being our home.

But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ -Philippians 3:20

                     Our Father is in heaven, and there we will truly be accepted and belong, here on earth, there are places that we will be accepted and feel that we belong. Some people feel that they are in a place where they feel accepted, I haven’t experienced that, and if you’re like me, I think that this may encourage you; God has a place for you just trust him. I think that God sometimes guides us to where we are supposed to be and until we get there, we will never quite feel that we belong and are accepted for who we are. God knows you, and He loves you, He will not let you down. God has something perfect in store for all of us. I am finding that He is more faithful than we give Him credit for.

                  In Christ we are beautiful, competent, and children. God is our Father and the lessons through our lives are like that of children being disciplined, loved, and taught by a father. If we put our trust in God, He will reveal to us who we are, and where we belong. I hope that this year you will embrace who you are, and trust that God will take you where you belong.

Much love,


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