Recently something very dramatic happened to my family and now, my family is torn apart. Today is the first day in three days that I haven’t cried about it. Despite that though, I can see how satan is trying to push his oppression down on me and the people around me. I am very selfish sometimes, and I don’t want to be loving with the people who are going through rough things because I know what I am going through. I don’t feel like they should be that way but then God reminds me that, He is my comforter and that I need to love them because that will show Him. I have no control over what the person is going to say or do when I talk to them and try to love them but I can control myself, and the way I think and what my heart is doing.

                  Oppression is many things, it is physical, mental and emotional. Oppression takes many forms, depression, anxiety, words, curses, and what our eyes and ears take part in.As a person, who has been in oppression by anxiety and by recent events, I understand that, it is hard to get through,, and you have to sometimes, take each day by itself and get through it. The important thing to remember is that our value lays in Christ and not in the world, what He says about us will always be true.

So God created mankind in His own image, in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them. -Genesis 1: 27

            God defines us, He made us in His image, we are His children. When we place our values and emotions int he world, the things going on around us are sure to get us down. If all I think about is the way that others see me, and how they value me, then I will never be happy and I will become depressed. However, if we place our value in Christ, and we think about the things above we are able to get through rough times because God gives us deep wells of joy and peace. See often times, we feel the need to say “God I will help you along by helping myself and freaking out and then trying to rush the process.” and we end up damaging ourselves.

Moses answered the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. The Lord will FIGHT FOR YOU; you need only TO BE STILL.’-Exodus 14:13-14

                 If you notice this passage, God is saying, “I am supposed to be your source” God is supposed to be our source of peace, joy, happiness, and rest. God will always be fighting for us, in times when we feel the evil one come over us, we need only to pray to God and trust in Him. He is the source of our identity, when we are oppressed it is because we have placed ourselves in something other than Christ. Through the past three days I have had to fight more than ever before to get out of bed and do something with my life. I have had to trust God more than ever in my life.

                   God spoke to me today, and I suppose because I trusted what He said is why I was able to make it through the day without crying. He said to me, “Here is my peace, take it, you are my child and I love you dearly. This is going to be different, but, now is time for you to develop your life and time to step forward into the new day that I have created for you.” and that just blew my mind. I mean for God to tell me, this is time for me to move forward and to take this gift of peace that He wanted to give to me. I did, and I can say, I have felt better than I have been, I’m not totally there yet but the more I remember what Christ says, His promises, and what He wants for me, my heart and soul calms and I become more okay.

       No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. -Romans 8:37

           God loves us, and He has made us new. These bonds, these oppressions have no power of us! We have to step into who God is and who He has made us to be and declare that those spirits have no power over us and no place in our ives. We are new! That is so good to know! We are new! We don’t have to feel those things about us, just because of what satan whispers in our ears. None of it is true! You are beautiful! You were made good! You are loved! You are known and desired by the King of heaven who has chosen you to be His children!

I am praying that each of you declare this over your lives today and each day that you feel the oppression of satan and the things of the world!

Much love,


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