Peace in the questions


Never doubt My love for you. Never doubt that I Am working. hold steady. My answers are coming. My solutions are in place. Wait for them. You will clearly see My hand, and you will rejoice. Rejoice even now in anticipation. -Judy Morrow

           These past two weeks I have been asking God many questions, and the same questions each time I pray. Even when I am not praying I think about the questions I’ve been asking Him. There is so much I don’t know and I really want to know, and if you know me, you know, I have a hard time waiting for people to tell me things. I am not a patient person when it comes to knowing things. I’m okay with waiting to do things, and I procrastinate with my homework all the time, and I don’t really mind not going out to hang out with people, but when someone hasn’t answered a question I have, I get very anxious. I don’t like to be out of the loop, I don’t like to not know things, going through school I asked a lot of questions. I question almost everything and I am curious about the world and the way other cultures work, so naturally when it comes to scripture and my own life, I have the tendency to question God about those things as well.

                 I sat down for my devotions today, and before I jumped into my devotional book,  prayed that God would answer at least one or two of my questions. Then I came across the passage above, and it’s exactly what I needed to hear from Him. He says “My answers are coming. Wait for them.” God already knows the answers, and He knows when I will receive them and when I should be told them. I need to be patient and wait on Him and His perfect timing, it is part of a control thing. I like to know about my life and where I am going because I want to be in control. I want to be in control so that I can prepare and be ready, I am perfectionistic in that way.  However, God says, “You will clearly see My hand, and you will rejoice. Rejoice even now in anticipation.” He wants me to wait with excitement instead of worry or fear or anxiety, He is already in the process of answering. He says I will hear Him clearly, which indicates that when He does answer I will know that He is answering me.

                   As people, I think it is normal to want to know where we are going in life, and wanting to know what our purpose on earth is. We get so caught up in pursuing God and answers that we unintentionally try and pull the answers out of Him when we want them. We are rushing through life and God wants us to be still and have rest, sometimes we just need to sit with Him and not talk. We talk so much that it seems like God can’t get any word in, and we have to give Him room to be God in our lives. Take a child for instance, when they are young they ask many questions, one of the most popular “why”? The parents answer until finally the child has asked so much that the parent can’t sort out what they are trying to answer and drop the conversation. We can be like children in that aspect, we want to know why this, and why that.

             God wants us to sit back and watch His work unfold, as an artist I understand the process of touching up and making sure the process is done at a good pace and thoroughly. God’s process with us happens in time, and He doesn’t want us to rush the process, especially because He is continually retouching and perfecting. Everyday there are people asking Him questions and making their requests, and I think that its easy to lose the reason why we are asking God these questions. Are the questions for ourselves? Are they to help ministry? Are they for others? Are they going to glorify God?

                  Part of wanting to know the answers to our questions is being worried or anxious about something, when we are stressed we tend to ask a ton of questions. My roommate and I are doing a study and today’s chapter talked about the idols in our lives and having them cause stress and worry in our lives, and obviously questions. Having so many questions may indicate our worries and idols in our lives and how we need to move forward. God wants us to trust Him, He wants us to believe the promise that He will always provide. He will provide for us emotionally, physically, food wise, answer wise.

              I hope this encourages you guys and helps you see that God is going to give you the answers and just remember that it is going to come when He has it planned.

Much love,


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