Can you hear?


                     You’re probably thinking, of course I can hear! Let me refine this, can you hear God? I don’t mean audible voices, but can you hear what God is saying to you everyday? Do you hear Him when you read scripture? Do you hear Him in conversations?

                        God has been speaking a lot recently, He has been on the move. For years I wondered what it meant when someone said, “God spoke this to me” I always wondered how one could hear the voice of God. As I grew in my faith, I started to understand that God speaks through so many things. He speaks through the people around us, often times they don’t even know He is speaking through them. I am sensitive to words so when people tell me things I always try to listen and see if I can recognize God in what they are saying. He speaks through His word (the Bible), songs (worship and secular), spoken word, poems, books, preachers, teachers, and nature. God speaks through everything around us, we need to discipline ourselves, we need to learn to be quiet and listen for Him.

                       God has given me the gift of deliverance and for a long time, I was scared of it, and because of that, I missed many opportunities to hear God speak to me. I wasn’t paying attention to how He was speaking to me, and it happens that He speaks to me through words. I often get words for others, prayers come out of my mouth before I know what to say or what I am saying. I have to slow myself down and listen in those moments, because God is usually trying to tell me or someone else something.

                  There have been countless times God has spoken right in front of me this week. One example is when I was with two of my friends, God gave a word to a man who was friends with one of my friends but not with the other. That word blessed one of my friends immensely. Another time, I was reading my devotional and I just stopped and saw the words that I needed to hear the whole week. God uses so many different things, so why would He need to be audible all the time? He has given us the Bible, He has no need to be audible. We are fools to think we deserve to be spoken to by Him.

                  It is by His grace that we are. His grace is the reason we have life. Think about the times when something inside you said move and it wasn’t of your own will. More than likely that was the Spirit of God speaking to you.  I am going to cut this post short, and just pray for us now, in that we may be more attuned to His voice.

Father God,

Thank you for who you are. Thank you for your grace and mercy, you’re great and faithful in everything. I pray that we, your people, would become more aware of your voice in our lives. I pray that our minds would be open, and our hearts would know your voice so well that we could recognize it everywhere. You are so good! We praise you Lord, We worship you, for who you are. Forgive us for the times we have blocked out your voice, and the times that we didn’t stop to listen to you. I pray we would discipline ourselves and be diligent in the things that are close to your beautiful heart. Lead us where you would have us go. I thank you Lord for my brothers and sisters, bless them in everything they do, I pray our actions would be pleasing to you and that we would be a blessing and an encouragement to everyone around us.


Much love,


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