Where’s the wifi?


                                The whole month of May and two weeks of June, I have not had any internet or service for my phone, I am living at my grandmothers until the wedding and she lives in the middle of nowhere. There is no service at all at her house. At first I thought it would drive me crazy, and though its annoying when my texts don’t go through, it hasn’t. I am in another town for a week and I am happy to say I am getting in some internet before I leave. There are a few things though that I have learned by not having service or internet. I don’t find that I think about what’s on Facebook, or whats on instagram. I think more about how would I reach Matt if something happened, what if something happens to my family? I find that the more important things are on my mind. I have found that in the past I have said that people are so technology crazed, that all they care about is what is most relevant on the internet.

                        I’ve come to the realization that the internet, the technology we have now, is a good thing, and like all things, if we balance well, it will serve us well. I’m 22, I’m not old, but I’m not a millennial, so I have the habit of disliking technology and how it takes away from relationships, but I also have an appreciation for how it connects me to others and their ideas and allows me to be creative. Technology is good and can be balanced in your life, it does not have to be a tool that dissipates your relationship but it can equip and build your relationships. I think sometimes I get so scared that people are going to take what they see on Facebook will determine how they treat me in person. I consistently have tried to make sure that my social media reflects who I really am and I think, its taken me away from deepening the relationships around me. I am a very introverted person, so staying inside and being on technology instead of around people is really easy for me to fall into.

                  I have come to appreciate both technology and peaceful days without internet and phone service. I am about to get married in nine days, and I am looking forward to being with Matt. I am looking forward to truly being with him, away from technology but I am also looking forward to how we can be creative through technology together.  I think that we all hark on things at one point or another that our parents used to hark about but, I think that, there are things that are good that we can all agree we enjoy. Please take time and evaluate the way you spend your time, decide what you need to do, sometimes a fast from technology and social media is good, sometimes connecting with others through technology is good.

Much love,


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