Being a wife


                           I’ve been married for three months now, and, we found out I am pregnant, and being a new wife and 12 weeks along there’s quite a bit I’ve learned about life and about God.

                   When my husband and I first got married, in June, I knew so much about my life was about to change, and it did but so many more things than I expected changed. Not only the physical and routine things of life, but my desires changed, I went into the wedding being scared I would be tired of being around one person all the time. I found that I actually desired more time with him, I am still not tired of spending time with him. I also found that I really enjoy taking care of the home and my husband. I enjoy having dinner with him, and going to church with him on Sundays and doing life together.

                    Shortly after being married, we found out I was pregnant, and we had only been married for a month, and I was so nervous about how my husband would take the news. When I told him, he was so happy and excited, and part of me began to worry about the stress of finances. Soon week 6 hit, and I began to have a few days here and there when I would spend the whole day in the bathroom. Every single time I ended up there, my husband was right there rubbing my back and getting me some water. One night I went to bed thinking about just how blessed I am, despite being so sick, God had blessed me with someone who cares so deeply for me that he is willing to go through all of the gross stuff with me. It reflected God’s heart and His love for us, I began to understand Him more through my husband’s love for me.

                         Then my tummy started to grow around week 10, and I started to feel gross and bad about how I look, and again, my husband managed to make me feel pretty. Every time he touches my stomach its so caring, and I can see how much he loves me. I couldn’t help but say “Thank you God, thank you” He knew just who I needed in my life, at this time to make me see Him and feel loved. God knows us so deeply and whenever I think about it, I feel so undeserving of my husband because he is honestly one of the most amazing gifts, God could have ever, given me. Next to Jesus saving me and setting me free, my husband makes me see God in so much more of my life.

                       Even more, being pregnant, I am having to rely on my husband and God so much more, I had a job and unfortunately we didn’t have enough girls on the team I was coaching and so it was cut and I lost my job. We are living on my husbands income now, and at first I was worried, kind of stressed about finances but, everything keeps coming together. Everytime I begin to worry, God shows me that everything is taken care of. Going through all of this has reinforced what I believe about the construct of a family. The family unit, is supposed to work together in a way that glorifies God, and we make one another more holy and righteous before God. We build each other up in the ways of the Lord, and His light is revealed in so many ways to us as a result of faithfulness and in ways that not being married we couldn’t see.

                               Marriage provides such a different view of God, and I am so blessed by all of these lessons.

             If you’re worried about a relationship taking away from your relationship with Christ, I would encourage you to change your mindset, my husband has built up my relationship with Christ just by being himself, and faithful in his walk.

much love,


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