Why Im not stressed about having a baby young


                                I’ve heard many people say. “You shouldn’t have a baby young, its irresponsible and you won’t be able to take care of it.” which they don’t know and, honestly they don’t know the situation of the person they say this to. My mother was 22 when she had me, and the reason she said she wanted babies so young was so that she would have energy to play with us and to be able to keep up with us. I am 23, and my husband is 22, we are both young, so we will have a ton of energy to keep up and run around with our kid.

                          For me, this baby is somewhat of a miracle, a definite God thing. Since I was fifteen doctors have been telling me, “You may not be able to have children” and “If you can have children it will be difficult to get pregnant” On top of have a major surgery I also have PCOS and so my chances of having kids wasn’t looking great. My husband and I got married three months ago, and within a month of being married we found out we were having a baby. It came as a shock to us both because, we were expecting it to take a long time for me to be able to conceive. Our next concern was miscarriage, we have been doing everything we can to make sure there was nothing that could hurt the baby.  I am 13 weeks along now, so we are able to relax a little.

                           However, there is always a chance that, God wanted this to happen now because had it been any later I might not have been able to have kids, or, this may be the only child I am able to have. Yes, I am young, but this may be our only chance to have a child of our own. We may not have much, but when our child is born we have exactly what it needs, see, I think as a society we get so caught up in the wants of children. Their wants, won’t matter much until they are teens, they are just going to be happy to spend time with their parents, to be in a loving home where they know and feel loved and cared for. The only time kids think you don’t have a lot is when you or your spouse says you are poor. Kids don’t initially think in terms of poor or rich when they are starting out, and honestly, if you give what you can to your children emotionally, physically, and spiritually they will be happy.

                         Growing up in a home that constantly outpours praises to God they will do the same thing, kids want your attention, thats all. Love is one of the most powerful things a parent can offer a child, and love that stems from your relationship with Christ will pass on to your children. So, I am not worried or stressed about being young and having a baby, I know that we will have to work harder but I also know that my husband and I are both devoted to making sure our child knows the Lord, and feels loved by us and God. These days children just feel neglected, when parents don’t know what to do with their kids they sit them in front of the tv. I don’t want to do that, I want my child to know I am interested in them and that I love them. I know that I will make mistakes, I am not perfect but, my goal is to make sure my child knows first off who the Lord is, and that I love him or her much more than they can imagine.

                        So please, do not look down on young parents, do not put them down, there are plenty of older parents, who waited a long time to have kids and their children feel neglected, and they are not getting what they need. Granted, there are also always, older parents who are successful and love their children and they are getting what they need. Before you look down on someone who seems too young to have a child, think about yourself, and the couples in your life and how they are doing.

Much love,


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