Tired momma


                 If there is one thing I can say about being pregnant, its that the second trimester is the only time you’ll have energy. I am now in my third trimester and I have been so tired all day. Last night my little man decided to move around and kick me the whole night. I constantly was up and going to the bathroom because of him kicking my bladder.

            We had friends over, and so the house was filled with sound and laughter. Unfortunately I was so tired, I spent most of the day in bed, I was able to get some cleaning done which is nice. I slowly got most of the Christmas decorations packed away, now we just have to put the tree away.

             I’ve been thinking a lot about how people are so negative about pregnancy. I know that pregnancy is not easy but its such an amazing thing. For my husband and I, this is a miracle. I grew up with every doctor I saw, telling me that I wouldn’t be able to have children and if I could, that it would be very difficult to conceive.

              Little Levi is so, so special to my husband and I, and pregnancy hasn’t been easy but in the end, it will be so worth it. We are a young couple but, if this is the time where God blessed us with a child then we are going to take it. Everyone keeps saying things about my body after the baby, but I went from 159 pounds to 135 in two years. I know that after the baby is born, I will be able to lose the weight if I continue doing what Iw as doing before.

                 It is possible, I see it everywhere of mommas who lost the baby weight because they worked hard and ate right. Another thing that has been bothering me is that people portray kids as being such nasty and awful things. A child is a beautiful and wonderful thing, they get their confidence from how their parents raise them. God puts such emphasis on children in the Bible because they are so precious! Stop talking down to kids, and about them! Kids are not little monsters, sometimes this makes me think that the parents are the ones who have monsters they need to sort out in their own lives.

                    I think part of the problem is we tend to think that raising kids and having a family will be easy and when its not, we get frustrated and want to give up. Nothing is easy, and its not supposed to be, in the Bible there are so many examples of families that go through thick and thin. Raising a child and having a family is not easy, but it is beautiful and so worth it. We have to remember to love our family, using Jesus and what He would do.

                  So please, do not look down on children or young couples having kids because, it is beautiful and something that God delights in.

much love,


2 thoughts on “Tired momma

    1. Thats so great! I am so happy for you, kids are so wonderful! God is so good and faithful, I am so happy that you were able to have a child 🙂

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