Scandinavian Hispanic


                       The picture above is my family, the people I grew up with. My dad, is not my biological dad but he adopted me and I grew up with him. In family pictures, and pictures with my siblings, I tend to stand out because I don’t have any of their Spanish features. My mother is my biological mom, so I tend to look more related to her in pictures.

                  My mom’s family is primarily Irish and Norwegian, and my biological dads family is primarily Norwegian and Irish. My biological grandmother has the natural bright red hair, and my biological dad ha blonde hair. My hair is naturally very, very, very blonde but I like to dye it red. I’ve been thinking about bleaching it or letting it grow out but thats another story.

                  I am the shortest person in my family, both of my siblings are younger than me but taller and naturally very, very skinny. My sister has the hispanic hips and butt, and the only place that I relate to her in is my eyes. We both have kind of squinty eyes, and my brother is very lean and we relate by our noses.

                  Now growing up, I was around the hispanic culture often and I learned a lot about Puerto Rico and the history of my dads family. I never learned about the Scandinavian part of me. As I got older, it was almost confusing because I knew I was white but I didn’t feel like a white girl, I had way too much sass and I knew more about hispanic culture than white culture.

                   When I got into college I learned as much as I could about the Norwegian culture and I found that many if not all, of my personality traits are very Norwegian. I act and think very much like the people there do. Now, I have been able to accept both parts, I enjoy the hispanic culture and I really enjoy the food. I still have a lot to learn about my Scandinavian side but I am very accepting of how I grew up.

                   I think its very important to know where you come from and where your family comes from. I think knowing these things helps us to define and know who we are as individuals. Where do you come from? What is your family history?

Much love,


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