Young Adulthood


                  Goodmorning everyone!

         I was thinking about how everyone has told my husband and I that we are so young for being married and having a baby. My husband is 22 and I am 23, and I feel like we are still in that “Young adult” area. To me, when you hit your 30’s is when the “Young” part drops off.

            That being said, I don’t think its wrong to be married, raising a family, and having a new life so young. In a way, I think I get to experience God in such a different way from all my friends. I also think that when young people get married, it helps to grow them and mature them.

           I think some of my biggest disappointment has come from adults, or people older than me, looking down on us because we were younger than them when we got started with our life. I feel like marriage is such a beautiful thing! Marriage is something so sacred to God and something so special it gets its own celebration day.

          In the American culture, I think we have forgotten how wonderful marriage can be! I think part of that is, no one really understands relationships, everyone thinks that marriage will be like dating but its totally different. We are so individualistic that when it comes to marriage, we don’t know how to work together and be a part of a long-lasting team.

            We have this idea that everything is supposed to work for us, but thats not the case. We think that everyone wakes up and makes sure that everything works for us.  Which is not true, but we also are a culture of self pity. When things don’t work out, because of our self-centeredness, we get in this mindset that the world is “against” us.

         I’m sorry but people like this drive me crazy, as someone who is more optimistic. The world is not going after you to take you out, when people say “If you don’t like where you’re going, change” its so true. You can truly change your situation and part of that is to start thinking positively. Marriage is amazing, and my husband and I are not making a ton of money right now, but we are happy. We know the world is not against us, so we just work harder and we work with less.

           We are having a baby, so most of all our money is going toward the baby right now, but we are happy. We have student bills to pay, student loans, insurance, and food bills. We have the normal bills, normal stresses but we know that it won’t be like that forever. If we don’t do well, we have no one to blame but ourselves. Life is not perfect, but you can change it by changing your thinking.

          I want to encourage you to push through your situation, try changing your thinking to the positive! You are all capable, even as young adults, raising a family and having a life an a career is totally possible!

Much love,


2 thoughts on “Young Adulthood

  1. I love this post.

    My husband and I got married when we were 24. I was fresh out of university, and he was just finishing. Since then, he has gone back to school twice, but will be done (hopefully for the last time) this May. Our baby is due in March, and I will be taking my master’s in September.

    We are still waiting to enter the grown-up and no-longer-paying-student-loan phases of our lives. I honestly don’t think that we’ll ever get there. However, we’re having so much fun in the meantime.

    When it comes to ‘the one’ and marriage, when you know, you know. If it feels right, then you are doing something right.


    1. I totally agree!! Our baby is due in March as well 🙂 my husband is also still in school, I graduated in May with a bachelors. I’m so happy for you guys and I hope the pregnancy is going well! You’re gonna be a wonderful momma! Goodluck with your masters, I hope it goes smoothly. 🙂

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