Warning Signs


       In our human nature, we tend to do some stupid things, even in the Bible God recognizes this. The solution? Warning signs.

                   Now, the sign posted above seems a tad ridiculous right? Well, the sad part is, someone did something for that sign to be hung up. People just do not use their brains, and part of me gets so irritated in being told things that seem like common sense. Now, common sense is having sound judgement and good critical thinking ability. If signs like that are being put up apparently not everyone has sound judgement.

                       People often joke about the book of Leviticus and what it could possibly offer the people of today. If you take a close look at Leviticus, yes many of the laws then seem ridiculous, but we must remember, the technology and medicine was not the same as it is now. The rule of staying away from dead bodies and animal carcasses was not just for fun, it is because God wanted the people to be free of life threatening diseases. The rule about not stepping on animal bodily fluids and body parts, also a way to keep people from developing disease.

                    Now lets jump forward to today where we need signs like this:




              I remember the first time I got a hot drink from a restaurant and the bottom of the cup said this, “Caution, the beverage you’re about to enjoy is extremely hot” and I remember thinking, “Why in the world is this on here? Of course I already know this, I wanted a ‘hot’ coffee.” I proceeded to ask my mother why this ridiculous warning was on my cup. My mom smiled and described to me a case about a woman suing McDonalds because she spilled the coffee all over her lap while driving. Sure the coffee shouldn’t have been as hot as it was but, common sense should have told the woman to put the coffee in a cup holder while she was driving.

                  So many signs, seem really ridiculous and unnecessary to us but they are put up because someone somewhere ignored common sense and did things they shouldn’t have done. Signs are put up in order to keep us safe, and to keep us healthy and while to me many seem like common sense, it seems that a vast majority of people do not practice this. Why do we do this? Why do we ignore the things that are trying to help us?

                     As children, we are taught by our parents what is right and what is wrong, what we should do and what we shouldn’t do. Good parents, try to teach their children things such as “Do not touch the hot stove” “Stay away from strangers” “Lock the door at night” “Wear sunscreen” All of these things are to keep us safe, and as children we are often taught by our parents common sense. My question is, then, if parents teach us, is the reason some people lack common sense because of a lack of parenting?

                  If its not the parents then lets look at media, many of the old cartoons such as Bugs Bunny, and Wile E. Coyote have violence in them. However, as children, you grow up learning that those things are not real and therefore, you should not try to roll a boulder over your friend because they will not survive like the cartoon characters. However, lets think about this, what happens with a lack of parent teaching and a vast amount of tv exposure? Suddenly, our children are being taught by media what is good, bad, okay and safe, so does it then become media’s fault when people do things that common sense says not to?

                    To be honest, I don’t think we will ever truly uncover the answer, mostly because the answer seems to lay in a world of many contributors. It seems that because the world is not perfect and people do not always think rationally we will always be warned by signs, and someone will always ignore that sign.

             Do not ignore signs, especially signs from God, if there is a feeling in you saying “I probably shouldn’t do this” there is a really good reason you’re thinking and feeling that way. Signs are important and they keep us from many things that harm and destroy us.

Much love,


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