10 things I’ve learned in 10 days


                Sorry its been so long since I last wrote! These past few weeks have been crazy, my husband and I have been learning how to be parents! In the stress of everything I realized I’ve learned loads of things in the past two weeks. Most of it about being a mom but some of it about God.

1. Newborns take up more time than you think thye will

       Let me tell you, since we brought Levi home, my house has been a mess and so have I. I have not been able to get anything done! My husband and I are currently packing to get ready to move and I haven’t been able to do a thing! Newborns require so much more attention than I thought they did. There are nights when he wont let us put him in his crib so we have to hold him while he sleeps. Babies go through so many diapers, and you have to constantly watch them to make sure they are not getting hurt. Its amazing once you know how much work babies are the amount of respect for your own mother increases.

2. Time for you and your significant other decreases but the joy increases

        There is almost no one on one time for my husband and I right now, however, our baby provides so many joy filled moments that it makes up for our time together. Levi will make us laugh and smile, and we hold him together and take enjoyment in him. We are still so happy together even though we dont have much personal time right now. We know once Levi is bigger we will be able to have more alone time.

3. Eating becomes much more of a task when you have a baby

         It is so hard to not only find time to eat but also to find time to make something to eat. Most times once i have finished making food, levi is awake again and I have to juggle eating and holding him.To anyone who is pregnant or trying, when you have your baby make sure you have something easy to prepare because otherwise you may not get to eat until your husband gets home from work.

4. Your thoughts are all about the baby

         I can honestly say everything I do and say now are for Levi, I make sure he eats well, gets sleep, doesn’t get hurt. I make sure that our family respects our decisions about him. I make sure he has clothes to wear and is clean. I sometimes dont get to eat, or sleep but in the morning thats okay because my baby is healthy and happy. I worry about him all the time, the smallest sounds from him make either myself or my husband come running to him.

5. Gods love is so much more visable

       Through my pregnancy my husband showed me the love of God through his love for me. Everytime I was in the bathroom throwing up he was in there with me, taking care of me. He made sure I had everything I needed and made sure that I didn’t stress about anything. Now, with Levi I see the love that God must have had for us to send His one and only son to die for us. I couldn’t imagine Levi dying for someone else. Gods love is more udnerstandable now too because I love Levi so much and I know that my love for him is nothing compared to God’s love for us. His love must be so amazing.

6. Every baby is different

        Everyone always says things like “Get sleep now becaus eonce th ebaby is here you wont” and “Oh youll become a morning person” both of which are not true. There are nights when my husband and I barely get sleep but for the most part we are not sleep deprived. I still get a good amount of sleep and so does my husband. I am still not a morning person, yes I will get up early to take care of my baby but that does not mean I enjoy it or am fully awake. I am still not a morning person. Also, people always make babies seem like such burdens, but so far, levi has been such a joy. he doesn’t cry much and sleeps really well. I encourage you to not listen to others, because every baby is different. No baby will act the same.

7. Your family entitlement thoughts start to show when you have a baby

          Everyone in your family will think they are entitled to certain things with your baby. Hear me when I say this, NO ONE is entitled to anything with your baby. That baby is yours, not theirs. You decide what is right for them not your family. No one in your family is entitled to see your baby or watch your baby. You decide who you feel comfortable watching your baby. Not everyone has to be at the hospital or whereever you have the baby. No one is entitled to watching you give birth. Do not let anyone, including family, walk over you. This is going to be a big time of change for you and your husband, you need to do what is best for you.

8. Do not let anyone who is sick in your home the first week.

        Granted it was my husband that was sick but if someone else was, I would not let them in. Im not saying this because of the baby, because germs are actually good right now because it builds up their immune system but what I mean is for you. You do not need to be sick witha newborn. Being sick with a newborn is literally the worst. I cannot tell you how tired I am, and it isnt becaus eof Levi, its becaus eof this darn cold that wont go away.Being sick makes everything ten times ahrder to do.

9. It is okay to cry.

       The “Baby Blues” are a real thing, and even if you dont get a full dosage of them, you will most definitly cry at some point after you give birth. I started crying after my milk came in. I would just burst into tears when something made me sad or really happy. If you know me, you know that I do not cry often and when i do its about something serious. I am pretty good at controlling my emotions, but let me tell you, I could not hold back my tears after giving birth to levi. Honestly, thats okay, my husband didn’t judge me, in fact he reminded me of how loved I am and how good I am doing as a mother and wife. He didnt say I was being ridiculous or having a pity party for myself. Crying is okay, it is natural, giving birth is a big deal and its not easy.

10.Take care of yourself

         Do not feel bad passing the baby to your husband sometimes. At night I usually let my husband shower and I try to get Levi fed and changed before his dad gets done with his night stuff. After I pass him off, I make dinner for myself, I shower, and I do some cleaning. It is so important to take care of yourself, you have to make sure to eat so you can feed your baby (if youre breastfeeding), but also you have to make sure youre emotionally doing well and physically taken care of before you can ake sure your baby is taken care of. When the baby is asleep, go to the bathroom, get a snack, do some laundry, read a book, take a nap. It is not wrong, or bad for you to take care of yourself as well.

         Well, I hope this was encouraging for you, especially if youre having a baby or just had a baby. Babies are so wonderful, I wouldn’t trade my son for anything! If you need someone to talk to or have questions please, feel free to contact me. I udnerstand how hard things can be, especially because there are so many new things after the baby is born.

Much love,


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