Everything I never told you by Celeste Ng


              When I first read the back of this book, and I read that a girl turned up dead, I expected a mystery murder story. I was so excited to read this book thinking that because of the title, the girl had some crazy secret. However, the ending was not what I expected!

        Celeste Ng does a good job of making you think as you read and putting suspense into the story and surprise. Though the story was sad and not what I thought it would be, it was a very interesting read. Its a short read, I read it in a day and it wasn’t hard to get through. The story follows the dead girls family rather than the girl and what she went through. It leaves you wondering and thinking.

        I also enjoyed that the ethnicity of the family wasn’t white, I have nothing against white people, I am white but the fact that the family is chinese it added more to the story. I find that often times it is difficult to understand the chinese and the reason behind what they do but this book really gave some insight into it.

          I like that the brother and sister in the story also have individual lives and are not just background characters. Authors tend to always leave brothers and sisters as unimportant character fillers. It also made me appreciate my family members more and realize the pressures that we can unintentionally put on each other.

                         If you’re looking for a good book, and don’t have a ton of time to read, this is a good book for you! Its not long and its easy to read!

Much love,


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