Cutting Sweet Temptation

Being pregnant and eating healthy is not easy, I was ten times healthier before I was pregnant. During my pregnancy I ate a bunch of fast food, drank soda, ate a bunch of s…

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2 thoughts on “Cutting Sweet Temptation

  1. It sounds like you’re off to a great start on your journey to being healthy again! I actually ate just as healthy if not healthier during pregnancy, because I was constantly worrying about Adeline and putting the right foods into my body for her. I also walked almost daily and did prenatal yoga. Staying healthy in my pregnancy let me have a 12 hour labor and easy delivery with only 28 minutes of pushing. The less weight you gain in pregnancy, the less weight you have to lose after baby has arrived and you’re less likely to have complications during pregnancy. The struggle of finding time to eat and sleep the first week of having her home had me in my pre pregnancy clothes and my pre pregnancy weight about a week post partum. Now at almost 6 months post partum most of my old clothes are too loose and I weigh almost 20 below my pre pregnancy weight. It’s all about consistency! I never eat after 7pm, I never drink soda, I drink tons of water, avoid dairy, eat fruits, veggies, super food drinks, granola bars, lean deli meat, and other light snacks all day and have one medium/large meal a day which is usually dinner. Of course they’re are days that I go off plan and have a donut (or three lol) and a footlong at subway or 4 slices of pizza, but then I’ll just eat less the rest of the day. Recently I have been totally slacking on exercise though!!!!! I’ve got to make more time for that.

    1. Thanks 🙂 I just got cleared today to exercise like I used too. I am a runner and ran like 4-5 miles a day and did pilates after so Im excited to get back to that 🙂

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