Beauty favorites


I have a confession…. I love make up… not because I think I need it but because I love what I can do with it and I like making myself feel pretty even though Im a stay at home mom for now. Here are some of my current favorite items, maybe they will be interesting to you too!

-Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay

This is my all time favorite palette, its my go to and will be for the rest of my life I think. Its super natural looking and really brings out the colors in my eyes. I have hazel eyes so its not always easy to find colors that compliment my eyes, which is why I love this palette so much! Each color really defines and makes my eye color pop!

I got it at Ulta for $54


  • De-Slick make up setting spray by Urban Decay
  • Too Faced Hangover face primer
  • Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream

I love this setting spray, it keeps my make up on all day through sweat and anything else! It keeps my face matte and doesnt take a lot.

I got this at Ulta for $30

The Too faced hangover primer does wonders for my skin, it has coconut oil in it and it refreshes my face and keeps it hydrated.

I also got this at ultra for $32

The BB cream is the only thing I got at Walmart, this cream is awesome, it evens out my skin tone and keeps my face fresh. As someone with pinkish tones in my skin its nice to have those evened out to not always look red.

This was fairly affordable, $6


  • Becca Champagne pop by Jaclyn Hill

As someone with fair skin I am always looking for a highlighter that will actually show up on my skin. Now, as summer is rolling around I will get darker in the next few months but the rest of the year I am kind of pale. I have several highlighters that I enjoy but my favorite by far is this one!!! It shows up so well on my skin and is so smooth going on! I would pick it up again whenever I run out of it!

I got this yet again at Ulta (Im kind of an addict) $38


  • Too Faced Candy Glow blush

Like I said before, I am very fair skinned and tend to have naturally red and pink cheeks, however, this blush does wonders! It softens the look of my cheeks and adds almost a highlight to my cheeks.

You can find it at Ulta for $30


  • Anastasia contour kit light to medium

Now, Im not much for contour but I love this contour palette, not only is it powder but it comes in two shades; light to medium and medium to dark. I mainly use three of the colors but they are still good. Especially for someone with light skin like me!

I got it at Ulta for $40


-Bare Minerals foundation

I love this foundation, but unfortunately because of my pregnancy I think my skin has changed and I may have to switch to a liquid foundation. The powder foundations are making my skin super dry now when they used to make it matte. however if my skin had stayed the same I would stick with this one, this is actually my second time buying it.

 I got it at Sephora for $28.50


  • Tarte lights, camera, flashes mascara

Last but not least, this taste mascara has been wonderful! I want to try the Too faced better than sex mascara but for now this is my go to. Its not waterproof because I am allergic to waterproof mascaras.

I got this at Ulta for $23


I hope that this helps you find make up you’ll love and if you’re light skinned I hope this helps you find things to help give your skin some good color.


Much love,


6 thoughts on “Beauty favorites

    1. I know, I agree! I want to try some of their others! Im waiting until Ive used the ones I have right now. Thank you so much!! ❤

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