Best Healthy Salad


                   I have been a vegetarian since 6th grade, the only time Ive eaten beef is when I was pregnant. Being a vegetarian for so long has given me the opportunity to play with my food. I have found things I love, things I hate, things that are good for me and who to balance the things I like but aren’t healthy. This salad is the perfect salad to combine things you like with things that seem like they wouldn’t be the best tasting on their own.

Here is what I use in mine:



Feta cheese

Romaine lettuce



salt and pepper

Italian dressing



                   Its fairly easy to make and very quick, I usually like to pair it with white wine and either alfredo or lasagna. Really you can pair it with anything, those are just my favorites, I don’t have measurements for the salad because everything in it is super healthy. The things you should go fairly light on are the dressing, and feta cheese. The dressing should not drench your salad, you can if you want but that is a lot of needed and unnecessary calories.

                   I hope this inspires you to try out new things in your salads to make them easier to eat and much more enjoyable to eat!

Much love,


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