The Other Side


         I didn’t understand why she chose him over me, I was kind, gentle, compassionate, well mannered and pleasant. I remember seeing her for the first time, her beautiful red hair flowing in the wind and light, white dress swishing around. She was striking, one of those girls you would stop and stare at as they passed by. The only problem was the bear-like man around her arm.

             He was always with her, and that servant elf tailing behind them. The king was so interested in introducing us and she stayed with me for two minutes before running off. She probably ran off to find that bear man again. I walked around gazing at the palace, these people were very gentle compared to the people of my kingdom. My father didn’t like the way the king of the northern kingdom was patient with everyone. My father sought to make people obey rather than be happy.

       As I paraded around the grounds I was handed so many gifts by all the people, and I noticed they gave each other gifts as well. They must be so happy that giving was no problem for them. I noticed a plump lady sitting on a bench, “Excuse me, miss?”  She looked up at me, “Yes?” I sat beside her, “Why is everyone giving each other gifts?” She smiled, “We have so much to go around because the king doesnt overly tax us or force us to pay homage to him. We support each other by helping any way we can and are happy to do so.”

          Looking up at the sky I wondered how that kind of life worked, “Hmm, that sounds nice.” I said. Under the plans my father had given me I felt almost a twinge of guilt, these people didn’t deserve what was going to happen. The princess was so kind as well, she seemed very distracted. If I could get rid of that bear man then things would be perfect, if I could do it without her knowing it was me I would be able to have everything. Little did the king know, we would soon have their kingdom…………

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