My “Hannah” Prayer


        Last July we found out I was pregnant with this sweet little boy, and after years of being told by doctors that I wouldn’t be able to have kids and if I could, I would have to spend thousands of dollars in fertility treatments; it came as a huge shock!

             We were super excited and nervous about this baby, he came in March and we have been so happy to have him with us. He is so sweet and happy, I love him so much!  What people don’t know is about the prayer I prayed as soon as I found out about him.

            In the book of 1 Samuel, Hannah prays for a child and makes a vow that she would dedicate her child to the Lord. The Lord gives her a child and she names him Samuel and sends him to a church to train as a servant of the Lord. As someone who didn’t know she could have children, the joy I felt was that of Hannah. I couldn’t believe that God had given me the opportunity to be a mom.

          One night, while I was laying in bed I prayed a “Hannah” prayer, I said “God, thank you for blessing us with this precious gift. I pray that he will be born without complications. I know without you he wouldn’t be here, and Im so thankful, I can’t believe you have blessed me this way. I pray that Matt and I do well in raising him in your ways, and that he will grow to know you and love you. He is yours Lord, and I know that you already have something special planned for him. His life is yours Lord, he is completely a gift from you. I can’t wait to meet him and see what you have in store for him. Amen”

          Its amazing that the Lord was willing to bless us with Levi, and sometimes I wonder if praying that prayer was good or not. What if His plans for Levi take him away from us? What if he has to move far away?  Then I remember how good the Lord is, and how special the plans He makes for each of us are. I know that its because of the Lord that we got Levi but I also know as a child of the Lord, that Levi is not mine or Matt’s alone. We have to be willing to let God carry out the plans He has for Levi.

              When God gives us gifts, its important to thank Him and remember that these gifts serve a purpose. Children are amazing gifts and we should value them and love them, and in my case, dedicate them to the Lord. Levi is an amazing miracle but I know that he is not mine alone. This is such a personal and special gift for me, and I can’t believe God blessed me with Levi.

Much love,


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