The Moral Basis of Democracy by Eleanor Roosevelt


*Disclaimer: I was sent this ebook by Open Road Integrated Media to read and review*

             Let me start off by saying, I love history, I love to know things, especially about people and what they did. My favorite genre is historical fiction, and so reading this book by someone from our history books made me super happy and excited.

         I love how simply the author wrote and how strongly she stuck to her guns on all situations and problems. Eleanor Roosevelt leads you through questions about our country’s democratic government. She actively suggests that because the morals of the constitution were based off of Christianity, that it is the only way our government will be able to survive.

            Let me clarify, she does not mean to say that church should rule state, in fact she says it is good that it doesnt. What she is simply saying is that our country should embrace the morals of Christianity. She would rather everyone be a Christian but she understands the impossibility of that. I just loved reading her writing, I did not find myself bored at all through the book. It is short and easy to read but definitely  one that is worth reading.

          All in all I gave this a 5 out of 5 stars, it is really an excellent read.

This will be available July 19, 2016

Here are some links where you can pre-order it:

I hope you’ll give this book a chance even if you’re not huge on history, it is worth reading.

Much love,


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