Self- Control


               Its that time again, where I go on to social media and see everything the world has been doing for the day. Suddenly, I see someone being unnecessarily rude to someone else, who, in my mind, does not deserve it. Theres a part of my spirit that says, “No, don’t do it, pray or let it go.” That part of my spirit is self-control, the part that controls my emotions, desires, and behaviors. I have to make a decision to either listen to it or go on a destructive path.

        It seems like self-control is a foreign concept in our culture today, and its really sad because it is something that would help everyone be a little kinder, a little smarter, and a little better. Self- control is so important, not only morally but also in every aspect of life, like the physical. When I was in high school, I didn’t exercise self-control with my eating and exercising, I gained a ton of weight over the years.

           I wasn’t happy with the way  I looked, my body felt awful and I was always sick (Im still always sick but not for that reason). Once I took control of my eating habits and started exercising self- control, I lost weight and became happier with myself. Through college I also had to learn self-control when it came to the way I talked to people and the way I responded to things. Having anxiety sometimes makes that difficult but Im getting better.

          Managing your emotions doesn’t mean you don’t express yourself; it means you stop short of hurting others and sabotaging yourself. -Sue Fitzmaurice

                When we learn to control our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions our lives increase in goodness. We become lighter, and more like Christ, we are able to listen more clearly to Him when He speaks to us. Self- control is a trait of Jesus that saved me, Im much better emotionally and as a person. There are many things on the internet these days that made people want to spew out their opinions and emotions all over the page. However, doing that won’t get anyone anywhere, it just shows that you haven’t matured, you can’t control yourself, and you are not kind.

                Now, Im not saying let people walk over you, Jesus didn’t even do that, what Im saying is think before you speak. Not only that but control your thoughts, they are powerful things. Here’s a secret, satans only weapon against you…. is your thoughts. Our thoughts are the only way he can touch us. In order to combat that, we must be full of self-control and all the other fruits of the spirit so we won’t be tempted.

              For instance, when someone is hurt emotionally, it can really be bad for them and the people around them. Their thoughts will be daggers to themselves and their words will be swords to others. When a woman feels rejected, she may turn to an assortment of men for comfort that isn’t real. A man who didn’t feel loved by his father will embrace the things that help him to be pleasing to others so that he will feel accomplished but in his trail leaves broken hearts, and burned bridges.

            When we control our thoughts, it saves us and the people around us. There is an internet saying, “KYS” it means “Kill yourself” someone got mad at my husband in one of his video games the other day and said this to him. Thankfully my husband laughed at it, and doesnt have depression. However, what if he had depression, that person wouldn’t have helped him. You don’t know what someone is going through, we only see a portion of persons life. Unless you are doing life with them you have no room for judgement or opinion.

               Self- control needs to be more rampant, the less it is, the more unease the earth will see. As Christians, as God- lovers, we MUST exercise self- control daily and be intentional about it.If we don’t, who says that we won’t give into temptation again and again. Thats where addictions start, thats where deep holes are dug.  Please, if you’re struggling with anything, feel free to talk to me. I would much rather you tell me and lets think things through before you say something awful to someone else. It doesnt even have to be me, talk to someone you trust that has a level head and won’t agree with everything you say.

Much love,


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