2016 Beauty wishlist


Hey everyone! How are you!?! Im excited to do a post that isn’t book related for once! These are my 2016 wanted beauty items!

Urban Decay Cosmetics:

The first item is the Naked Basics palette. I have two of the Naked palettes and Im in love with them, I haven’t bought any eyeshadow since I got them. I love these neutral colors, I tend to do very light make up so this is perfect for me.


Ive heard so much about this bronzer, not only does it look great but it supposedly smells amazing too! I love the tone of the bronzer and I feel that on my light skin it won’t make me look overly tan or yellow.


The last item for Urban Decay is the new Vice lipsticks, I actually love all the new colors, so I plan on getting them one by one if I end up liking the first one I get. Urban Decay is probably my favorite make up company os I love when they release something new.

Too Faced:


Im super particular about my mascara because I hate clumpyness, and when my lashes stick together or when mascara looks super thick. Im also allergic to waterproof mascara. I have heard that a lot of people enjoy this mascara so Im looking forward to trying it.


This is one of my most coveted palettes! When I saw it, I instantly fell in love with it! Everytime I go to purchase it, the website always says it is temporarily out of stock! It makes me so sad! The colors are beautiful, almost all of there neutral, but they would all make my eyes pop! Not only is it beautiful but its supposed to smell like peanut butter and Jelly!!!



Im someone who does not like thick or cakey make up, I prefer more natural looking and feeling make up. Ive heard many people say that this foundation is perfect for that. It lets your freckles show through and feels super light but has great coverage. Its the Nars sheer glow liquid foundation.


What are your most wanted beauty items for 2016?

Much love,



2 thoughts on “2016 Beauty wishlist

    1. Thanks! Yeah they are gorgeous!!! That’s good to hear, I hope it will make my lashes look longer 🙂

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