24 Honest things


Im 24 and I don’t feel like I’ve done anything in my life.


I don’t always feel like a good mom, I lose my patience and I get overly tired.


I really love my son and my husband.

21. My little man is a miracle baby.


I know I look younger than I am, but I would appreciate being talked to as an adult.


I don’t like when people tell me their opinions on what I should be doing with my life and how I should be doing things.


Marriage isn’t easy, but I love being married, even through the hard stuff because Im not on my own.


I really want to dye my hair lavander


Before I met Jesus I was training in gymnastics so I could go to the Olympics one day


I have two tattoos but I have five others planned.


I love writing and have written several books through my life but I was super insecure and hated them once they were written so I threw them all away.


Im currently working on two books I actually want to get published.


I really love being outside but I hate the Florida heat.


Im super close to my brother and I want to be close to my sister too.


Im not a morning person. I need coffee before anyone talks to me.


I love writing music, but I always throw away my songs.


Im insecure but more confident than I was two years ago.


I love God, I love church. I love helping people and I love seeing people happy and watching them grow.


I often feel awkward and left out in many social situations.


I have social anxiety and I hate telling people because they always treat me differently after I tell them.


Im actually a nice person. Everyone always thinks I don’t like them and that Im stuck up because I have rbf.


I really miss a friend I used to be close to. She is doing really well now and I wish our friendship could be redeemed because I miss our closeness. But, I don’t think that will ever happen.


I love my best friend Chelsea! And my other best friends, Savannah, Audrey, Ben, Michelle B,Jensen,  and Alicia D.


I want to change the world. I think a lot of people do. I want to be inspirational, and I think it just stems from being an artist.

If you were honest with yourself, what are some things you’d say?

Much love,


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