This topic is a lot lighter than my past few have been! Goodness is something we can all relate to wanting and striving to be. In the U.S. everyone runs on wanting the world to be “good” There are many a “good” people in the world but this goodness is different from that. This goodness comes from knowing Christ and striving to be like Him.

         Goodness is not just opening a door for someone or being passionate about helping poor families. Goodness is about loving others when they seem unloveable, goodness is about loving others when they hurt you. Goodness is not a human development, it comes from the Holy Spirit.

            I can do “good” things all day long, but if my heart isn’t on Christ and there is no love in my action, it isn’t the goodness of the Lord in me. Goodness means taking control of what we think and say and making sure they are seasoned with the goodness of the Lord.  Goodness is something I can confidently say we all desire. Goodness is a child picking another child up after they fall and hugging them. Goodness is a childs heart for the people that love them. Goodness is innocence and peace.

          I think goodness sums up every trait of Christ and all the fruits of the Spirit because goodness is made up of all those things. When you exhibit one, you begin to exhibit others and you will be full of “goodness”.

     You can be a good person, but goodness does from knowing Christ.

Much love,


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