Everything is Possible by Jen Bricker


              *Disclaimer: I received this book from Baker Books to read and review*

   Jen Bricker is such a fiery personality with positivity and joy, I loved reading her story, it made me smile all the way through. She states everything with such simplicity and boldness. I love how honest she is and how she doesn’t have a “poor me” personality.

      Her life is beautiful not only because of those she impacts but because she is such a beautiful person. I loved reading about her parents and siblings, I wish I could have seen some of those moments. It was really cool to see all the pictures she included in the book too. Its a super positive, encouraging and enlightening book!

       Even as you read about her struggles they don’t seem so terrible because of her optimistic personality! I gave this book a 4 out of 5 stars, I would definitely recommend giving it a read!

Here are some places you can purchase it:




Here is her web page:


Much love,


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