Faith and Science


      As a kid in the American school system, I grew up watching Bill Nye in science classes and at home. I remember thinking he was so clever with how he represented scientific information in a way that children could understand. Then the summer after my junior year of high school, I gave my life to Christ. I was thus thrown into a world where Bill Nye was against the very thing I believed in. Someone I had looked up to during my childhood was no longer an idol.

       I went to a Bible College for a bachelors degree in music and worship ministry, I fully believe that the God in heaven is the God of the Bible and He is the only God. I believe He created the world, the universe and people. I believe that Jesus was sent to the earth, that he died on the cross, rose to heaven and intercedes for us daily.

          That being said, I have no grievance against Bill Nye. I think he is probably a good person at heart, but, I also don’t know him personally. I can’t say anything about his character and I won’t. However, I believe that science and faith can help prove the other, and though I don’t believe in the “Evolution” theory, I believe that many other aspects of the earths formation and cells are agreed upon within the Bible.

        When we look at faith and science it seems like they contradict themselves, however if we closely they confirm one another. Something that people don’t realize is that the Bible isn’t written in Chronological order, if it was the books except for Genesis would be completely out of order. Genesis shows that people had been sent out to all corners of the earth. Abraham, Moses, Cain, Lot, and Sarahs slave, Hagar, were all sent out into the world and all ended up in different regions.

          Science says that people came from all over the earth and so does the Bible, the point of humanity they disagree on is how they were created. Science likes to “hypothesize” that people “evolved” from animals, whereas the Bible says that people were created by God. Now, Im not opposed to the idea that there was a “big bang” however, I believe that ‘big bang” was created by God if its real. Science says, it happened due to atoms and things coming together and combusting to create a universe.

            Here is an article I believe helps to further my point:

        I do believe that science can teach us a lot, but I believe that much of it will point back to the Bible. The Bible has proven things through science many times such as “Hezekiah’s tunnel” and Peter’s House. There are more and more archaeological artifacts being found that prove the truth of the Bible. Im not saying this to disprove anything or to make someone believe in the truth. I am writing this to simply say, examine what you believe and why you believe it without relying on the people around you. Examine areas where you have been biased based on what society and the world says.

Much love,


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