National Flower Day


        Apparently today is “National Flower Day”, so in honor of this cute “national” day I thought I’d share all about my favorite flower… the Sunflower.

                  The Greek name for the sunflower is “Helianthus”, and has about 70 different species.  The Sunflower is the state flower of Kansas, and the petals can be used to help soothe burns and scratches.

             They are so beautiful and so useful, we eat the seeds as do birds and other animals. They have healing properties and grow quickly. They grow very tall and are composed of tons of little flowers. They track the sun and bend toward it to get the most sunlight possible.

             Aside from all these amazing facts about this flower, I love it! Its beautiful! Its bright and strong. Sunflowers to me bring peace and happiness. They have always reminded me that there are better and more beautiful things in the world.

Whats your favorite flower? Does it mean something to you?

Much love,


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