Kit Kat and Lucy by Lonnie Hull Dupont


After years if vibrants city life in San Francisco, Lonnie Hull Dupont reluctantly trades her three-room apartment on Telegraph Hill for a farmhouse in Michigan. She immediately misses the rhythm and the ice of the city, and the isolation of country living has her longing for something more. Enter Kit Kat, an obsessive- compulsive tortoiseshell, and Lucy, a playful Russian Blue who can nail a bat right out of the air. These stray cats arrive a year apart and each ask to move into the farmhouse- and ultimately Dupont’s heart. From the hysterical process of getting two strange cats to like each other to the exciting years of watching those cats thrive- and inspire Dupont in the process- this book is the heartwarming story of how one woman’s world would never be the same.

                 I love cats, they are probably my favorite domesticated animal. However, I gave this book a 3 out of 5 stars. I was expecting more about how the main character grew in her anxiety and stress. It was way more focused on the cats and their behaviors, and I understand that taking care of them and having them home with the main character but, I felt I would have liked to see more about the characters anxiety growth.

               Now, that being said, I will admit that I loved the cats and their personalties. I have had several cats through my twenty- four years of life. I think that animals can be a wonderful way to calm yourself down and distract yourself from whatever is causing your anxiety or panic attack.

              I would recommend this for anyone who enjoys reading books about animals such as “Black Stallion”, and the animal guardian series. I may try reading another book by this author but this just wasn’t for me. It may be for you if you enjoy books that are all about creatures.

                   *Disclaimer: I got this book from Revell Books to read and review*

Here are places you can purchase the book:

Heres a link tot he authors web page:

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