The life of an INFP


          The Meyers Briggs personality test has become super popular as of late, I remember having to take the test my first year of college. For me, this test really helped me to understand myself and why I think and act the way that I do. I am an “INFP” which means I am Introverted, Intuitive, feeling, and perceiving. The INFP personality is often explained as being “The Healer” or “Idealist”. Its true, I know that I definitely believe and see how beautiful the world could be every day. I am an idealist, I love to search for meaning and love.

             If you’re and INFP you know that most of your day is spent in your own mind, my mother used to say that I “lived in your own little world”.My parents called me a “space cadet” growing up because I was never fully there. I was always imagining something or living another life. I loved to dress up or run around outside because I saw everything so different. The INFP personality only makes up 2% of the worlds population.

         Another aspect of the INFP personality is that we are slow to speak and quick to listen, we love to learn about other people. We are very good at discerning body language and emotions. I enjoy listening to the life story of others and then offering them encouragement and love. I think that everyone has something to say and I love being the one who listens. The problem is, INFP’s are moody. We have days that we are very frustrated with the world around us and then days of endless happiness. We feel everything deeply!

         Chit chat scares us, and stresses us out, we don’t know how to be simple with others, because we love deep conversations. We would rather talk about passions and resolutions than the weather, clothes, or some celebrity. This makes us seem awkward and out of place not only to ourselves but also to the people around us. Despite that, we see the beauty and goodness in everyone! We believe that people have an inherit goodness in them somewhere.

         This makes us difficult to get to know because we would rather talk about other people than expose our own emotions and experiences. We feel awkward talking about ourselves and being the center of attention. However, we are ambitious, once our kids are set, we do everything to achieve our goals but we can be easily defeated sometimes. When we get that we tend to stop altogether because we don’t want something to be half done. We love stories because they take us out of our world of worry and constant business, we love being immersed in the lives of others.

          Im an INFP, and I live in a world of contradictions. But, I am glad to know more about myself! I highly recommend taking this test, it is one of the most accurate things I have taken. You must be super honest though, when you answer a question it must be truly what you think. If you have taken the tis, whats your personality and do you agree with it?

45 Signs That You Are Truly An INFP At Heart

Much love,


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