Winter Scents Haul


   I recently took advantage of Bath and Body Works holiday sales, and I got so many new winter scents I’ve never tried before! I hope this might help you choose a winter scent or some gifts for friends and family.

pbbw1-24575826v275Vanilla Bean Noel:

    This is the websites description:

A Christmastime treat of fresh vanilla & sugar cookies, inspired by pure comfort and joy

It definitely smells like vanilla but some people have told me it smells like cotton candy, I don’t usually like vanilla perfumes but because there are some other things added to this, I am okay with it.

pbbw1-19431723v275A Thousand Wishes:

From the website:

Warm your heart a thousand times over with a festive blend of sparkling champagne, crystal peonies & almond crème

      I love this one, my husbands cousin was the first person to introduce this fragrance to me. I love it, it is more of a womanly smell, its definitely more sophisticated than girly.

pbbw1-24400707v275Fresh Sparkling Snow

From the site:

A sparkling blend of iced pear, frozen melon & frosted musk

I love this one, I was a little nervous about this but it does smell a little like Christmas. Its one I would get for an older woman rather than someone in their 20’s.

pbbw1-24362086v275Magic in the Air

From the site:

A wondrous blend of almond flower, white iris & whipped vanilla

This one Im not sure about still, it smells wonderful but Im not sure it smells good on me! I don’t really smell the vanilla which is okay but its definitely a different type of smell.

Hope this helps you decide on the holiday scents!

Much love,


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