Outrageous by Aaron Tredway


All over the country, people are waking up from the American Dream. More than a house, a car, and 2.5 kids, what people truly yearn for is a life of possibility, potential, and adventure. We believe God is able to do more than we hope or imagine, but we’re stuck living in the tension between our ordinary life and the extraordinary adventures that might be just around the corner.

In this energizing book, globe-trotting former athlete Aaron Tredway offers liberation from a life without purpose, calling readers to pursue lives of unexpected opportunity amid their everyday circumstances. Entertaining, engaging, and often unconventional, Outrageous challenges us to wake up and embrace a faith that can move us, shape us, and propel us to love God and others with greater significance. Each chapter unfolds a new true-life adventure fueled by faith and the extraordinary life Jesus promised to those who believe.

If you’re an athlete, or a soccer player more specifically, you’ll connect with this book very well! Its super encouraging and insightful and speaks to the hearts of people who want to step out of their comfort zones. I really enjoyed this book, I thought it was well written and easy to read! Its to the point and I love the authors honest writing. I gave this book a 4 out of 5 stars, I thought it was great but it was also missing something.

To me, it was missing a call to action, it was mostly what the author thought and experienced and didn’t really call you to action. Despite that, it was still though provoking and inspiring. The way the author used sports to reach out to people is really respectable in my opinion. I think that sports needs more men and women who are Christ- minded and unafraid to go the distance for other people.

This book is a perfect choice for the athlete in your family, or for a Christmas gift!

           *Disclaimer: I received this book from Baker Books to read and review*

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2 thoughts on “Outrageous by Aaron Tredway

    1. I gave it the rating because the story line, plot line was really well done, despite the ending. Though I do tend to be generous sometimes.

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