Full time mommy with a full time job


     As of November, I started working full time at a preschool, and now I feel the frustration of working others. Up until November I was a stay at home mom, then we moved and my husband and I both got jobs. The good news is my son goes to work with me but the bad news is, I don’t get to see him at all during the day. My son is in the infant room and I am currently the one year old teacher.

              Most days I work 9 hours and some I work 10 hours, I get up super early in the morning get ready for work and get my little guy ready for the day then we head out the door and I don’t see him until 6 pm most days. Then I come home, feed and take care of him and then feed myself and my husband then take care of stuff around the house and then do some blog work and then I go to bed.

           My days are always full and I am always having to do something, recently I have started playing with my son before he goes to bed and then reading him a story. Its the only time I have to play with him and really see him. It means I stay up a little later than I like but, its worth it. If you’re a working mom, I understand your frustration and maybe even guilt that you don’t get to see or spend time with your child during the day.

          I do miss being a stay at home mom sometimes but I know that working my butt off will create a better future for my family. Working moms do a lot and so do stay at home moms. I always had to cook, clean, write and take care of my baby as a stay home mom and now I do those same things, I just added a full time job. Yes, I am tired at the end of each day and yes its hard to spend time with my husband but, its so worth it because in the end, we will be better off in the future for it. As long as I make an effort to spend at least 20 minutes with my son and my husband a day then, my family is happy.

          To all you working mommies, stay up late might stink but sometimes, if you wanna spend time with your spouse or baby, its necessary.  My days off consist of errands and being a mom and wife. My only true days off are the days I just have to be a mom, which is rare. I want to encourage you, I know its hard but I also know that if we talk about our stuff its a little easier to deal with. If you’re a working mommy please feel free to message me, I would love to share about life with you and hear your story.As moms, its important to have a supportive community that understand what you’re going through.

Much love,


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