Year of Losing the Pregnancy Weight


       Okay, its been almost 10 months since I had Levi and…. I still haven’t lost my pregnancy weight. I know I will, and I know sometimes it takes awhile but, I wish it would happen now! I currently have another ovarian cyst which is holding onto fat rather than allowing me to get rid of it. Therefore, I have gained some weight.

           My goal this year, once this cyst is taken care of, is to lose the pregnancy weight. I have a full time job so I know Im going to either have to be up super, super early or really, really late. It will be worth it though to be able to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. part of keeping myself accountable will be taking you guys along my journal! If you’re a momma wanting to do the same thing, I will upload everything I did that day, including what Ive been eating.

         I plan on working out three times a week and including running into almost every time. Im tired of not fitting into my clothes and Ir refuse to buy new clothes because that gives way to being okay with being heavy. I want to stay in shape for myself, my husband and for my child. My husband and I are planning on trying for a girl in the near future and I want to be as healthy as possible to give us the best chance to be able to have another child.

    I hope you’ll join me in this journey and I cannot wait to see the results at the end of the year!

Much love,


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