Open Ocean


                         Before I gave my life to Christ, I had no intention of doing anything with music. I wanted to be a marine biologist, Im not sure exactly when the obsession with the sea and the animals in it began but my parents say I was on that for a long time. I had bed sheets that looked like an ocean, I had beach decor all over my room. I had tons of books on the ocean and the animals in it, I was even in an aquaculture program at my first high school! I had a marine biology class, and learned how to catch fish, differentiate between corals and ocean environments.

               Today, whenever I watch Finding Nemo, Happy Feet, or Finding Dory, I am reminded of why I wanted to be a marine biologist so bad. I love animals and I have a heart for them because often they are forgotten with all the issues the world has today. I wanted to make a difference for the creatures in the ocean. Growing up in Florida, I got to experience the mistreatment of the ocean firsthand. Everyday, on any sidewalk on a beach or lakefront community, you’ll find trash all along it.

                  Now, Im a hippie, Ill admit it, I love nature and being outside, but aside from that, I hope that my son grows up to respect the earth. Not to get all Pocahontas on you but, I want him to know how special it is that God made a planet for us to live on that is so beautiful. Its so sad to see the destruction of animal homes, that could be totally prevented. This morning I watched Finding Dory, and the mission of the “marine life institute” really spoke to me. Its a conflicting but good intentional mission, to save, rehabilitate and release back into the wild. While, there would be some issues with this, I think its such a good thing to promote in a childs movie.

                    I think this is kind of what God does, He rescues us, rehabilitates us and releases us into the world to spread His love. What does this have to do with marine life? Well, just like marine life we all have specific purposes and just like I am passionate about sea animals; God is passionate about us. He puts specific passions in us that are meant for amazing and groundbreaking things, whether or not we see them.

               I hope that you run after your dreams and passions and don’t let anything deter you from doing what you’re passionate about.

Much love,


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