Baby Clothing Haul


       Hey everyone! Its been awhile since Ive done a baby post! I went to Gainesville over Christmas break and went into the new Carters store! I wanted to buy so much more but I restrained myself and only got these! They are so super cute!

The Mr. Awesome Genius unique Brave Handsome Dude shirt is super soft, the sleeves are gray and the collar is green. This was $5.00, they were having a sale and I got it in a size 9 months even though Levi is 11 months because he is still way to small for one year old clothing.

I got a set that included a pair of pinstripe shorts with small navy t-rex’s on them, a navy blue onsie that has a T-rex on it and a light blue shirt with a navy blue T-rex on it. Levi loves dinosaurs! That was about $8.00, also on sale. I got that in a size 9 months as well.

       The navy blue joggers were only $6.00, they were on sale as well, also in a size 9 months.

Last I got a set of four long sleeved onesies, with no patterns, this was about $8.00 and I got them in a size 9 months as well.

Im pretty sure Carter’s is still having some amazing sales right now but I think once summer gets here those sales will be gone so I would definitely go in and take advantage of the sales. Especially if your little one needs some new clothing.

Much love,


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