Moving Forward by John Siebeling


Far too many people are not living up to their full potential, limited by bad habits and past hang-ups from which they just can’t seem to break free to. Unforgiveness, addictive behavior, unhealthy financial patterns–limitations come in all shapes and sizes. Breaking free from any of them starts the same way: by walking in the truth.

Pastor and author John Siebeling helps readers connect the dots between what they read in God’s Word and their everyday lives. Jesus died on the cross to set us free and enable us to experience life to the full; anything less than that is not God’s best. If we are followers of Christ, freedom is not just a benefit to embrace if we choose; it’s a responsibility we are called to. Each chapter highlights a specific hang-up or habit that holds people back, explains what God says about it, and points to a way forward in freedom. Practical advice and suggestions for next steps help readers see how to implement changes that give them the traction they need to move forward.

All in all I gave this book a 3 out of 5 stars, I felt it was not my favorite read of the year. To me it contained all of the normal habits that are talked about in every Christian lifestyle book and every small group in church. That being said, it was still well written and Im sure that for someone who does not read a ton of books it would be very enjoyable. If you like Christian lifestyle books then this book is good for you but it also uses a lot of scripture and backs up every point made.

I did enjoy that the author challenges us at the end of each chapter and gives us Evaluate/ Eliminate/ Elevate questions to think about and answer. I think those types of things really make you think about what you read.

*Disclaimer: i received this book from Baker Books to read and review*

Here are some places you can purchase the book:

Heres a link to the authors web page:

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