Top Four Beauty for 2018


     Its that time of year again where I talk about all the beauty items Im hoping to get this year and which ones I am most excited for to come out!


1. Anastasia Beverly Hills MoonChild Glow Kit

I have wanted this so bad since I first saw it come out, it looks like it would be amazing for someone with fair/pink skin like me! I just love the highlights and because I am fair skinned any highlight that shows despite that has to be amazing! This is available at Ulta for $40.00 but I haven’t seen it in the store so it may only be available online.


2. Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation

I still have not found a foundation that I love, Im still trying to find that one that makes me go “YAS” I recently tried two but I hated them both. This one seems to be very popular and my sister has used it before so I definitely want to give it a try! You can find it at Ulta for $39.00.


3. Morphe “Fall Into Frost” Palette

I haven’t tried any morphs products yet and I think I would love this palette! Its so hard to find purples that work well for any eye color but especially hazel eyes. Purple really makes my eyes stand out so Im always on the look out for a good purple shadow. Plus it has a ton of neutrals which I love and can use any time. You can find this on the morphs website for $22.99


4. Morphe by Jacklyn Hill 

This Palette scared me at first because of all the bright colors and blues, but once I saw Jacklyn’s youtube video where she swatches each color for you I knew I had to get it! Its currently out of stock but I want it so bad! The purple looks amazing and I know that a bunch of the other colors can be easily blended in or together! You can find this on the Morphe website for $38.00 once its back in stock!


Now this past year I have had more disappointing make up than exciting make up and Im going to be going through my make up and throwing a bunch of it out. Ill be putting up that post as soon as I get to decluttering my make up collection! Let me know if you have any beauty items that you’re super excited for this coming year!

Much love,


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