Toddler Favorites


         Having a toddler means lots of messes and lots of creative ways to keep them as busy as you can before nap time. These are just a few of my favorite toddler items!

The first is bandana bibs! These help a ton with drool and with snack messes! Whenever Levi has a snack these keep the crumbs off of his clothes and even though he’s a toddler he has a few teeth still coming in and they help with all the drool. You can find them at Target for $7.99, usually for two!


       Babyganics has quickly become one of my favorite brands! Their diapers are amazing, my son never had a leak once we started using them! We use the daytime and nighttime lotions on my son, and the bug spray, as well as the sunscreen. Its an organic, all natural company and the products are very gentle on my little ones skin. The scents are very light and they really do what they say! I think you can find these products at Publix, I tend to buy them at Target because they are a little cheaper there.


                This little sit to stand walker has been wonderful! My son got it for Christmas from a relative but never used it because he didn’t understand it. Now that he is walking, he loves to push it around the house for 30 minutes at a time. He loves the noises it makes and playing with all the little toys on it. I think you can find this at Walmart and some at Target as well.

The last thing is just crayons and coloring books, not only is my son learning how to hold a crayon but he is learning colors and about shapes and numbers. I love this time together, we get to be creative together and I get to see him learning and trying new things.

What are some of your favorite toddler items?

Much love,


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