Beauty items I didn’t like


              There have been a few items I bought that I thought were going to be amazing but I really ended up hating. The first being:

NYX “Away We Glow” liquid highlighter

I thought that maybe it would make my skin look a little smoother with a shine but it never showed up, never provided a glow and just disappeared. It was on sale so I cant complain about the price but I would not recommend this.

1 out of a 10

The second item was a little more pricey,

Nars Sheerglow liquid foundation

I bought this after seeing and hearing so many great reviews on it, and maybe its just because Im pregnant and my skin is weird right now but, I hated it. This foundation is not full coverage, and made my skin look very dry. It did not look good on me and no matter how I applied it, it just didn’t go on smoothly at all.

3 out of 10

Naked Urban Decay Blushed Pallette

At first I really enjoyed this, it was small I could take it on trips with me and it had three separate things I needed. Now, I cant stand it, I never reach for it anymore, the blush is way to bright but the highlighter doesnt show up at all and the bronzer doesn’t show up either. The three together just dont work well.

3 out of 10

The last item is one that I thought would help my nose and the blackheads but it didn’t do anything.

Glamglow Mud mask

This didn’t do anything good or bad for my skin. I felt like it was just something I was putting on my face but it didn’t do a darn thing.

1 out of 10

Let me know if these items worked at all for you or if you had the same experience!

Much love,


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