Why I’ve decided to make our home minimalist


        Im a very organized person, I love to keep the house clean but recently Ive felt very overwhelmed by the amount of random stuff in our house. I found that I was keeping things just because someone gave them to me or because I thought I might need it in the future. One day I decided Im going to go through everything in our house and get rid of anything we dont need, dont want, dont use, and haven’t seen in awhile.

Im starting with our closet, I haven’t gotten too far, its much harder to do than I thought it would be. Im still trying to get rid of clothes that I dont need, especially because Im pregnant right now and I dont know what Im going to be able to fit in after the baby is born.

I did go through our mugs, and I got rid of a ton of them but we have dishes from my grandmother and some that are still in boxes from moving that I need to go through. I also was able to go through Levi’s baby clothes and decide what to keep for Madison and what to give away. Today I managed to go through my make up and my beauty items , I got rid of almost half of them.

I also feel like stuff was taking up our house and minds instead of God and what He wants for us so part of this is me trying to focus more on my relationship with christ. Im going to keep you updated on my progress, room by room, starting with our closet.

Much love,


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