Blue Ridge Trip 2018


     We are back! Iv’e been away from blogging recently because we have only been home for a week this month! For the first half of the month we were in the hospital with Madison and then this past week we were in Blue Ridge, Georgia. we are finally home and I think we will be on the down low for awhile.

We went on a week long trip to Blue Ridge for the first time in college with our two friends and since then its become a tradition to go every year. This year was the first year we had the kids with us. Levi loved it and Madison probably could have cared less being only five months old. I loved it but I can say Im glad to be home for awhile, the kids need to get back into their routines and I need rest.

The first day we drove there and then went out for dinner at a place called ‘Chesters’. Its a little bar and grille place in Blue Ridge thats super hipster and their beers and wines come from the Merciers Orachard not too far down the road.


(Levi and his godfather)

The prices are a little on the expensive side but the food is really good, and definitely worth what you pay. I got loaded fries for Levi and I thinking it would be a small appetizer but it ended up being huge! I shared it with levi and could only eat half of my salad. I got a mediterraniean salad with blackened chicken. The salad was really good but I wished they would have put the dressing on the side. Im not huge on dressing and Im trying to lose the baby weight still.

The next day was a shopping day because it was cold and I didn’t want the kids to get sick.


We went up and down the road of shops just looking around and of course doing some shopping! We decided on this trip to get an ornament for every trip we take and place we go.


This years ornament is a moose and a bear, I thought it was cute, I imagine Madison being the bear and Levi being the moose. Although, with heir personalities I think it would probably be the other way around.


Down the road we came to a little place called Gather its a cute little home shop. Matt and I fell in love with the bee kitchen stuff downstairs. We haven’t had a theme for out kitchen but we decided its going to be bees because we couldn’t leave without the plates. The lady working was so sweet and gave us a huge discount because we were really sad that they only had one of the little plates in stock. They aren’t breakable and look like paper plates but they are kind of like a ceramic material.



(Road outside the cabin)

Our third day we went on a hike up Amacolola Falls which I was not prepared for!

I didn’t bring my tennis shoes with me this time around because I thought it would be too cold to hike and I don’t have any shorts that fit me right now because Im still trying to lose baby weight. Levi had so much fun hiking, and wanted to hike by himself but we had to carry him most of the way because it was way too steep.

Madison was in a carrier the whole time, and our friends kept getting asked if she was their baby. Matt was better than me this time which is funny because last time I was in such good shape (I hadn’t had any babies yet) that I was way head of him. My knees were killing me for the rest of the week, I could barely walk when we got back to the cabin. I enjoyed it though, it felt good to sweat and do something challenging, I haven’t done that in awhile.



The last day we decided to stop by the river even though it was freezing! Levi had so much fun throwing rocks in the water, he was trying to be like his daddy and uncle Dalton and skip rocks too.


I have to admit I didn’t get my picture taken much this time because Im kind of ashamed that I haven’t lost the baby weight yet. This is the biggest I have ever been but I know it takes time.

The places we ate at varied, one place that we got our pictures taken at was awful. The ad said there was an all day breakfast buffet but it was just a small buffet and you had to order breakfast.


One place we really enjoyed was a small Italian place and it had pizzas, salads, and sandwiches.  I got Levi and I a small meditaerranian pizza, it was the pizza of the day and it was really good! Matt got a chicken sandwich which he enjoyed, I would definitely go there again!

There was a BBQ place, I got a BLT chicken and waffle meal, it came with waffle fries, it was amazing! On the way home we ate at a place called Blue Jean Pizza, Matt got a calzone that he says is “to die for” and I got fried macaroni bites which Levi loved and I got a veggie burger.

On the way to our house, we stopped by Truett Cathys chickfila,

We chose to eat on the full service side so I could feed Madison, with our meals we each got two sides. Our appetizer was fried pickles, they were super salty so I probably won’t get them again if we go there on our next trip. My meal was the grilled chicken club, my go to, and waffle fries. I got macaroni as a side for Levi which was all he ate. My husband got the regular chickfila sandwich with macaroni and waffle fries.


I really enjoyed that experience and all the workers were smiling which you don’t always see.


Over all the trip was great! I can’t wait to do it again but I will admit its harder with two kids just because theres a lot more that goes into packing and going out. I am glad to be home but I am also glad my kids got to have that experience. As a parent thats something that outweighs all the tantrums, stress and sleepiness. Seeing my kids getting to experience new things is the highlight of any trip.


If you go to Blue Ridge, Georgia let me know what some of your favorite places!


Much love,


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