Toddlers Favorite Books


   As much as I love reading, I want my kids to love it even more! My kids book collection is already catching up with mine.  We have read to Levi almost every night since he was born. Here are some of his favorites!


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Look and Find


Pages: 18

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is one of Levi’s favorite shows! Not only that but this book is huge and has a lot for him to look at so it keeps him busy for awhile. The pages are cardboard so its a little more sturdy than most books. He loves this one a ton and he reads it on most car trips.

Pj Mask: Meet the Heros


pages: 14 pages

Levi loves, loves, LOVES Pj maks probably more than Mickey Mouse, we read this almost every night and through the day. Its cardboard pages (most of his books are) and he loves to point out the characters and say their names. I recommend this for any superhero loving boy!

Curious George at the Zoo


Pages: 10

Yet again, this book is cardboard pages. Levi loves the parts that are different textures, he thinks its so fun that they are a part of each picture! We read George almost every other day.

This Little Piggy


Pages: 7

When we first got this book, Levi made me read this to him every day! He loved that my fingers made the piggy move! Its cardboard pages and its a shorter book!

Disney my first Library Books


These books are all cardboard and have about four pages each and are each very short! My son loves them, they are little enough for him to hold them and they have a different subject each. He points at the characters and says their names and he is learning too.

Wild Animals


This book is cardboard, and has one animal on each page with the name underneath it! Levi loves to make the noise of each animal when we read it!


Hope this gives you some good ideas for books for your toddler!

What are some books your toddler enjoys??

Much love,


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