Earth Day


    I don’t know about you but I have always loved Earth day! Something about the elementary school forcing us all outside to help plant a tree made my heart happy. My whole life my family has always called me a flower child. It has continued into my adulthood.

I appreciate Earth day because with all the things we take from the earth, its only fitting we give something back. Not that one tree planted will cure all but, it does help. That tree will grow, that tree will provide shade, clean air, and maybe paper or wood. That tree will provide food for nearby animals, it will be a landmark for someone who sits under it each day or passes it on a daily route. My mother recalls one tree that looked like a rabbit and thats how she knew she was close to her childhood home.

The college I went to, Johnson University Florida, had two ponds and between those ponds was a prayer garden and behind that was our cross country trail. Running through those trees each day helped with not being so hot and on rainy days not getting wet for a few minutes. They provided a background for my engagement pictures, a setting for our campus Christmas party, a place for me to sit and listen to music or listen to the Lord.

Im saying this because, we don’t always see how much trees impact outlives until we sit back and imagine all the trees being gone. Trees and plants in general provide so much for our well being, God created the earth that way. He made it so it had an order and that order gives us beauty, food, shelter, clean air, memories, an appreciation for His love and art.

The earth has so many amazing things for us, and like in Wall-E we can’t allow ourselves to become fluffy people in chairs only listening to what the screen tells us. We have to appreciate and teach our children about the earth. As cliche as it is, the picture of the earth being so barren and brown is frightening. It is completely possible for that to happen, there are some ways you can help the earth everyday!


If you’re in an area where you can recycle, do it. If you see paper or trash on the road, in the ocean, or woods pick it up. The regular, turn the water off while you brush your teeth thing.


Hope you’ve had a wonderful earth day!

Much love,


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