Skin Care Favorites


       Up until high school I had awful skin and even now I have great skin! My roommates used to get so mad when I told them I didn’t do anything to my face. Now that I have had two kids my skin has changed a little. Not that I get acne much but my skin is super dry now so I have to use a lot of things to try and moisturize it,

For removing make up the Burt’s Bees facial cleansing towelettes are amazing!  Its organic, removes dirt and make up quite well and is not tested on animals. I used to use the grapefruit one because it smelled better than this one but this one is more hydrating to my skin.


To wash my face after I take off my make up is the “St. Ives Blackhead clearing scrub, its Green tea and smells super good! It helps with redness which is great because I have slight rosacea. It makes my face feel wonderful and keeps it clear!


The “Nourish Organic” face lotion hydrates my skin but Im not huge on the way it smells. It has a nutty smell rather than a rose smell. Its for normal to dry skin and is organic and cruelty free.


Freeman masks are awesome there are so many different types and skin types, this one is a clay mask so its super thick. Its to help with stress and cleans pores, it has a light smell and is for all skin types. Freeman is a cruelty free brand as well.


Freeman Pomegranate peel off mask is so fun! it smells wonderful and is for all skin types!


The Formula 10.0.6 Be Berry smooth peel off mask is supposed to help with moisturizing your face. It smells wonderful, you can’t really smell the pineapple but you can smell the blueberry.  Im not sure if this is a cruelty free brand, I try to make sure products I buy are but I couldn’t find any information on this one.


What are some of your favorites?

Much love,


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