Book Writing Part One


     I know, I know, the picture above has nothing to do with writing books…Im sorry! My toddler is eating lunch and my baby is making all sorts of noises and my head, is absolutely killing me! So this is the picture we are going with today, I don’t have energy or time to take a different, relevant one right now.

Im in the middle of writing three books at the moment, I don’t have a publisher interested yet or anything like that but I am planning on doing that soon. I just thought I would talk to you about the books Im in the middle of writing as sort of a accountability thing.

Creative Army

This one Ive been working on for about three years now, the reason Im nowhere close to being finished yet? I had kids. Now that Im done popping out babies, I am on the writing train again!

Im writing about how all kinds of gifts and abilities are useful in the church. I hear so many people say “I can do this” or “Ive done this for years” and yet they have never asked the church about using that particular skill. When I ask why they reply “i don’t see how the church could use that” or “They don’t need that”. Those answers are completely untrue, there are so many things, ministries that aren’t being used in the church because there is no one stepping up about them. Even if you don’t want to use that gift in the church, it can still be used to glorify God.

I have two chapters written back to back and then like random ones here and there.

Growing up Daisy

This book is one I have kind of been nervous about writing, Ive always loved Daisys they are my favorite flower! This book Ive been trying to figure out how to write, I either want it to be a realistic fiction or a biography so to speak. I have been through so much that it seems only fitting to put it all down somehow. I think Ive settled on realistic fiction, I can change names and rearrange events slightly so no one gets hurt or upset about being in the book.

Little Bo

This one is about, you guessed it, Bo Peep! One day Bo loses her sheep and no one is quite sure how. Her best friend is set on an adventure to figure out where the sheep have gone, why they are gone and who took them. She finds new friends along the way and sees that maybe her best friend Bo isn’t who she seems.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey, if you’re writing any books I would love to hear about them!

Much love,


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