Its that time again, another to be read! My goal for the year is 100 books, I have had this goal for about three years and the first year I almost made it but after I had Levi it slowed down a little and then after Madison it slowed a lot. I am determined to make my goal this year!

This first book is “See Me” by Nicholas Sparks I have always loved his books and I am a bit of a sucker for romance novels like this. Fantasy romance is great and everything but contemporary romance is really where its at! Im about 140 pages into this one and so far I am loving it!


“List Women” by Louisa May Alcott is next, Ive been reading this one for awhile but its really thick so Im trying to make sure I catch everything so this one I only read when I have enough time to really pay attention. I love this story, I have loved it since I was about five. Its one that really inspired me to love others, be a writer and to be kind to other women.


Next up is “Loving our Kids on Purpose” by Danny Silk I was supposed to do this with a small group but it got canceled so Ive decided to read it on my own. I want to be more engaging and understanding with my kids. I grew up not really knowing what love was so I want my kids to know and feel it.


This is yet another book that I am part of the way through, “Water for elephants” by Sara Gruen is such an inspiring tale and my husband and I both loved the movie. I wanted to read it to really get the full effect.


“Ill Will” by Can Chaon is a book I was sent by Shelf awareness I won one of their giveaways and Ive been meaning to read and review this one for awhile but I haven’t quite gotten around to it.


Last but not least “Crown of Midnight” by Sarah J. Maas the first book “Throne of Glass” really made me want to be a main character for the first time in a long time! I love this story and plot line and its been awhile but Im finally going to start on the second book! This is about a girl who gets caught up in a war because she’s an assassin who has been caught and the king needs someone to do his bidding in this war. Its very interesting with the hints of girly stuff that every fantasy reader loves!

Whats on your TBR for this month?

I know this one is a little bit of a ambitious one but Im reading as often as I can so I think Ill be able to read about two or three of these at the least.

Much love,


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