Favorite Hair Products


            Hey guys! I haven’t done anything with hair so I thought I would mention some stuff that has been amazing for my hair!


The first thing I want to mention is the OGX Kukui oil conditioner, its been amazing for my hair. It makes my hair way less frizzy and super shiny and bouncy! My hair looks and feels amazing when I use this conditioner! its not cheap but if you have short hair this is totally worth it.


The “Not Your Mothers Beach babe” texturizing cream is amazing when you have curly or wavy hair. It takes a tiny bit on one hand and you rub it together and then scrunch it through your hair. If you use too much it makes your hair crunchy which I don’t like so I use a tiny bit and that tiny bit makes my hair look like Ive been at the beach.


The last product is L’Oreal Paris hair oil serum, its amazing! It makes all my fly aways stay down and shiny. It also fluffs it up and doesn’t look oily or anything gross.

Much love,