April Book Haul


This month I did pretty good as far as book buying goes, I only bought one book in the month of April the rest were sent to me to read and review.

I bought “Everyday” by David Levithan, its about this soul that wakes up in a different body each day. Im excited to read this and I definitely want to read it before I see the movie.


“Singing the scriptures” is one that was sent to me by Chosen publishers to read and review. I am a1 music and worship major so Im looking forward to reading this one a lot!


“The Healthy Living” book was sent to me also by Chosen publishers to read and review as well! I just had a baby so I want to see if this can help me in any way.


“The Spiritual Gifts handbook” was also sent to me to read and review, Ive done a few classes and heard a few sermons on it but its always interesting and informative to read more on the subject.


What books did you get in the month of April?

much love,