Dark Places by Gillian Flynn


                   If you enjoy mystery novels, thrillers, and scary stories this is a book for you! I read this book mostly at night ad double checked my room every night! Its a psychological thing I think whenever I read things like this!

I really enjoyed this book, the writing was easy to follow and understand and the plot line was unique and interesting. It did not end the way I thought it would, which is a nice change. I gave this a 5 out of 5 stars, and the only thing i didn’t care for is the personality of the main character. I just can’t stand people like the main character, and you’ll see why in only the first few paragraphs of chapter one.

Other than that the book was excellent, its no small task to continue to write such good books that make you think. Gillian Flynn has written so many books, each just as good as the last. I highly recommend picking this books up!

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